Executive Coaching

Does the thought of public speaking make your stomach turn? Are you fairly comfortable presenting but ready to take your skills to the next level? Are you an experienced speaker, but your speeches could use a boost of energy? Executive Coaching with Megan Grano is for you.

Megan has worked one-on-one with high-level executives at:



Meganís Approach

Megan believes that every presentation is a performance, so she draws on her extensive background in directing, performing and writing comedy to help her clients. Donít worry, she will not try to turn you into a stand-up comedian! The goal is to use tried-and-true performance techniques to make you a more dynamic presenter. Whether youíre conducting a weekly team meeting, giving an annual state-of-the-company address to 5,000 employees, or appearing on a televised panel, Megan can help you keep your audience engaged. Remember: you can have the greatest message in the world, but if you canít convince people to listen to you, no one will ever hear it.

Check out this article to get a sense of the work Megan did with one of her clients.

Megan's Background

Megan has been writing and performing since high school. After graduating college, she moved to Chicago to formally study comedy at three different comedy conservatories. She was then hired as part of the resident ensemble at the famed Second City Theater. After several years of working as a comedian in Chicago, she moved to Los Angeles. In addition to doing her own writing and acting in LA, she began directing live theater. She directed numerous stage productions in addition to helping hundreds of up-and-coming actors prepare auditions for Saturday Night Live and various TV shows. A friend familiar with her work enlisted her help directing a high-level executive who was about to give a graduation speech and wanted to add some humor. That executive referred Megan to other clients, and the rest is history.

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